Physical Wellness

Our Unique Wellness Centre U18s fitness sessions aim to install good practice and increase self-confidence. We provide classes for all children whether they perceive themselves to be ‘sporty’ or not. Passionate about looking after the whole child, we offer services to help and develop your child to become a positive and strong individual.

We want children to recognise and embrace the importance of being mentally and physically fit. By teaching children to understand why they are doing each exercise, we aim to install good training practice and in turn develop self-confidence and optimism.


Physiotherapy Assessment

To ensure your child gets the best from each programme we encourage that they take advantage of our onsite physiotherapist assessment to determine what help and support they might need and what preventative approaches they can use.


Core and Flex

This session develops core strength and flexibility. By working on correct technique and form, participants will create the strong muscular foundation they need to enhance their performance and prevent injury. Gaining strength and physical awareness can empower and energise your child.


Agility and Strength Circuit

Agility and strength circuit sessions aim to enhance fundamental and sports specific movement patterns safely and efficiently in an enjoyable, fun group format. All exercise will be adapted to suit your child’s individual specific goals.



Cardio Core Circuit

Intervals of cardio work increase cardiovascular fitness and important core strength. This duo combination will give your child the solid foundation of cardio and physical fitness that everyone needs to be fit, strong and happy.


Junior Gym

This is a friendly, relaxed, supervised gym session for under 18s. Trainers are on hand to advise and ensure good practice and form. The knowledge of how to use a gym is an invaluable skill for the future helping to prevent injury and inefficient training. Your child will be given a programme to follow, specific to their needs.



Providing small group and 1 -1 sessions for common injuries such as joint and back issues, our on site physiotherapists and personal trainers guide your child to recovery and install an understanding of injury and how to prevent it.