Mental Wellness

We take the utmost care in providing you with a professional personalised service. We encourage you to experience a whole range of psychological intervention programmes. These include Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Rational Emotive Therapy, Gestalt, and Hypnotherapy.

All of these therapies are run by experienced professionals and are designed to enhance mental well-being.

We believe that mental well-being is the single most important state of mind to achieve as it underpins everything we see and do, how we interpret events and more importantly how we respond.

How do I start the process?

Simply call 01270 353 123 or email and we will promptly return your call.

All voice mails, emails and texts are treated in the strictest of confidence and are not shared outside the therapy unit.



Counselling involves talking with a trained therapist to help you find ways to manage and deal with troubling emotional issues. These can include physical or mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression, relationship or work-related difficulties, bereavement, anger management or low self-esteem. Counsellors listen without judgement and help you understand the issues to find your solutions.



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Use to help treat anxiety, depression and other mental and physical health issues, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) aims to change the way you think and behave so that you can help yourself to manage problems. By breaking problems down into smaller parts, CBT helps you to change negative thought patterns and look for practical ways to improve how you are feeling and your state of mind on a daily basis.


Rational Emotive Therapy

Rational Emotive Therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy based on the idea that our irrational beliefs cause us to experience negative emotions such as depression, anxiety and anger, rather than actual experiences and events in our life. RET helps us to challenge theseĀ  irrational beliefs, enabling us to feel and act differently, and engage in more effective thoughts, feelings and behaviours.




Gestalt therapy is a client-centred approach that enables us to explore and process our feelings, increase personal awareness and challenge whatever is blocking our ability to move forward emotionally. By focusing on gaining awareness, staying present and processing feelings in the moment these blocks are identified, challenged and removed, enabling us to heal and achieve personal growth.



Hypnotherapy is a way of using guided hypnosis, which is a trance-like state of focus, to try and treat certain conditions, habits or behaviour patterns. It can help with anxiety, stress and depression, insomnia, phobias or unwanted habits and help increase focus, confidence and self-esteem. While undergoing hypnotherapy you remain in complete control and can decide for yourself whether to act upon suggestions.



Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is used to relieve PTSD or other traumatic memories. While the practitioner directs your eye movements, you relive the triggering or traumatic experience while your attention is diverted by the eye movements. This minimises your psychological response which over time is thought to lessen the impact of the traumatic memories.