Learning Support

Children may need help during their time at school for many different reasons and whilst schools do an excellent job, sometimes, support other than the normal provision made for children of the same age is required.

Additional support might be necessary for many reasons: missing a lot of school through illness, having to care for a relative, difficulties at home such as bereavement or frequent changes of school, to name a few.

Whatever type, frequency or level of support is required, from targeted one-to-one literacy and numeracy input to a structured learning programme for specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, our aim is to provide children with the specialist support they need to get the best educational outcomes that they possibly can.


Some children need a bit of support to help them fulfil their potential in various subjects, particularly maths and English. Our tutors provide targeted teaching to small groups, or one to one sessions with individuals in a relaxed and less formal environment than school to help give them the coaching, attention and boost that they need to achieve.


Dyslexia Support

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that affects the acquisition of skills necessary for accurate and fluent reading and spelling. It can also affect the retention and processing of information. Our specialist tutors provide effective teaching techniques using a multisensory teaching programme to help students succeed at their own pace.


Educational Support

Sometimes, students who have additional social, emotional or mental health needs require extra support to recognise and manage challenging emotions, such as anxiety or anger, away from the school environment. Through tailored, individual support, we help pupils manage their classroom behaviour so that they succeed and feel valued.